Freezer Repair

If your freezer is broken, we advise against DIY repairs. The team at Kyle’s can get it running as good as new, in no time at all.


We understand the frustration felt when your freezer breaks down. The food inside is at risk of being ruined and rotting meat can cause sickness or worse. To avoid these risks, give Kyle’s Appliance Repair a call today. Our professional team of engineers is on hand to make repairs and maintenance to all brands and models of freezers, without you having to spend a fortune on a replacement.

Common Freezer Problems We Repair

Regardless of your brand or if your freezer is a combo, stand-alone or a chest freezer, we can help. Our professionals are trained and certified to make repairs even in the most urgent situations.

The freezer won’t turn on

Ensure that your outlet is providing sufficient power, that the home’s breaker hasn’t tripped and that the plug’s fuse has not blown. If it’s not any of these things, give us a call.

The freezer won’t cool

Ensure that you are not leaving the door open for extended periods of time and that the settings on your freezer for temperature haven’t been accidentally adjusted. If everything seems fine, call us today.

The appliance is over-cooling

If the freezer is having this issue, it could be down to a lot of frost being built-up. Check your freezer’s pipes and give us a call.

Inconsistent temperature

If you notice that food has been spoiling often and that the temperature fluctuates it could be that debris and dust have been building up. Give us a call so that we can determine the cause for you.

Damaged or faulty door seals

To test your door seals, try and yank a dollar bill out of the closed door of your freezer. If the dollar is released with little resistance, the door seal has a fault. We can fix this for you with ease as our professionals are certified to do so.

Weird noises coming from the appliance

Often, strange noises are a result of a motor or compressor fault. Give us a call so that one of our professional engineers can identify and troubleshoot your issue, providing you with a viable solution.

Other indications

There are a few other things that could cause faults within your freezer, these include:

  • Evaporator fan faults
  • Defrost timers and the controls being defective
  • Safety switches are broken

If you begin to notice any of the above, don’t attempt DIY repairs and risk voiding your warranty. Instead…

Call Kyle’s Appliance Repair of Yukon, OK

If you’re wanting the best customer service paired with the number one repair and maintenance service in Yukon, you’re in the right place. Kyle’s Appliance Repair offers the most affordable, quickest and most professional repair services for your home appliances.


To ensure your appliance is running good-as-new in no time at all, give us a call. We can repair LG, Whirlpool, Kelvinator, KitchenAid, GE, Samsung and any other major brand of freezer.