Washer / Dryer Repair

Both the washing machine and the dryer are home appliances we use almost every day. They make sure that our clothes are clean and dry in just a day’s time. Hand-washing clothes are a thing of the past, so we understand the frustration should one of these fantastic appliances break down or fault.

Because they are used every day, they are often more prone than other appliances to malfunctions. But before you go ahead and grab the screwdriver to try DIY repairs, we strongly advise against it. Because these appliances are often connected to both water and electricity, it’s a very dangerous game to play when trying to make home repairs. That’s why it’s better to hire a professional.

To avoid the frustration and danger, Kyle’s Appliance Repair is on hand to help. Our team of professionals is ready to assist with any fault your dryer or washing machine may have and make the very best, high-quality repairs today.

Why do they break down?

There’s a whole host of reasons that your washing machine or dryer can break down. That’s why it’s important to not play the guessing game and call a professional to take a look. Our team is trained and certified to make quick and quality repairs to your appliances.

Don’t take the risk of DIY repairs, they can cause extra damage and void your warranty. Making DIY repairs often more expensive than hiring a professional. A professional repair service can extend your appliance life and make repairs hassle-free.

The common issues and troubleshooting them

Loud noise from washer/dryer

Both appliances make a fair amount of noise, but you’ll notice there’s an issue when you begin to hear crashing, clanging or knocking. To prevent this fault worsening and causing your appliance to stop working altogether, call a professional from Kyle’s Appliance Repair today.

Washing machine leaking

No one likes leaks, especially not when they come at an inconvenient time. They cause damage to walls and floors, and at times, even other appliances. You should never ignore a leak, no matter how small, and instead, get a professional out to inspect your appliance.

This is usually the water hose, but we’ll be able to explain that. Call us ASAP.

The appliance won’t turn on

If your appliance won’t turn on, you’ll need to make sure your breaker hasn’t tripped, the plug’s fuse hasn’t blown and that the power in the outlet is sufficient. If not, call us today and we’ll take a look.

My dryer isn’t heating up

Usually, this issue is caused by the filter being blocked with lint. Simply vacuum the filter to remove the lint and you should notice heat sufficiently reaching your appliance.

Should I consider a replacement?

Washing machines and dryers can last around 11 to 13 years if looked after and maintained correctly. If not, then the average number of years means nothing. Regardless of your model or brand, give us a call today and we’ll get your appliance up and running, as good as new, in no time at all.